Konica Minolta Laboratory USA

Konica Minolta
Laboratory USA

Research and Innovation to create new values

Konica Minolta Laboratory USAKonica Minolta Laboratory USA

Konica Minolta
Laboratory USA

Research and Innovation to create new values


In this time of globalization and rapidly changing issues, cutting-edge ideas that offer valuable and lasting solutions are the most important commodity any company has to offer.

As we at Konica Minolta continue the shift from being a pure manufacturer to a solution and service provider, we are as aggressive moving forward as we are nimble, in order to deliver the innovative ideas our customers require.


At Konica Minolta Laboratory USA, our research teams are focused on the following projects:


KM Advanced Authentication and Authorization Platform

A seamless authentication and authorization platform that provides advanced, secure access to Enterprise IT services while also eliminating constant password management. This solution will provide the same secure access and user experience for any device, any location, and any service. The platform supports advanced methods like Biometrics, Wearables, Mobile Devices, etc.


Data Extraction for Workplace Hub with Semantic Technologies and AI

Allows a user to retrieve and browse a document by referring to its content, its sections, as well as the locations of these components. “Fuzzy” descriptions can also be used to find specific information within this “Smart Search” platform. Developed in collaboration with KMLE.


IP Workflow Automation Solution

Develop workflow automation solutions that integrate with existing workflow applications (including non-Konica Minolta applications). The objective is to reduce human-based interactions with the workflow and thereby reduce human errors, especially those that occur in the PrePress phase of a workflow.


Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)/ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology Engine

Software that will read documents that contain hand-printed, hand-written, and free-form/location-specific content.


Wound Assessment System

A solution for assisting wound measurement and analysis using commercially available mobile devices.


Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Document Analysis

Automatic analysis of a document’s structure and content provides the context required to generate an advanced summary of the document. Using this summary, an end-user can readily identify the relevance of the analyzed. Developed in collaboration with KMLE.


New Materials Discovery by Materials Informatics

Materials Informatics applies the principles of Data Science and Machine Learning to Material Science and Engineering—in combination with experimentation—to greatly reduce the time and cost required to discover, manufacture, and deploy new materials.


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